How to Educate Clients about Property Risks

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Educating consumers on the risks they face, and helping them avoid them when possible, is a big part of an insurance agent’s job.

One tool that might help your client better understand the risk their residence property faces is a service from HazardHub called Free Home Risk.

This site is free and allows any consumer to enter their home address to receive a home Risk Property Scan report. This report details 34 different types of risks their home can face and highlights the ones that may apply to their specific property.

As you can see in the included screenshot, it’s a simple tool that provides a visual representation of what could happen to damage their property.

Letting your clients and prospects know about this tool could help prompt a conversation with you to help them understand the various options that are available under their current homeowner’s policy (or another type of policy such as flood) they should consider to properly protect their property from a disaster.

I would recommend you use this as a prompt during the renewal process for their existing home insurance, and as a way to help them understand the various types of risks an insurance policy can help protect against.

Be sure to check out Free Home Risk yourself and consider adding it to your procedures.

What other tools have you found helpful in educating your clients on insurance topics?

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