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There are a growing number of options available that allow you to create graphic designs quickly and easily, such as Canva, Visme, and Easily for infographics. These platforms provide dozens of templates you can use to create an engaging image for a Facebook post, a LinkedIn banner, or an Instagram video.

However, even with these platforms, you sometimes need a custom design from a real graphic designer.

That’s the advantage of using

There are two ways to work on 99designs:

  • Work with individuals — when you have a new project, you can pick individual artists you want to work on the project. This most likely will happen if you work with the designer previously, and you like their work.
  • Design contest — for your new project, you created a design contest. I have used the contest option for all of my projects. The advantage is you get access to a wide variety of designers and a variety of ideas.

Types of projects

Multiple options are available for the different types of projects you might want to create. For example, a few options include:

  • Logo Design
  • Brand identity
  • Website
  • Brand Guide
  • Packaging
  • T-shirt
  • Book & Magazine

The Design Contest

Designers have a couple of days to submit their initial designs ideas for you to review. Once the contest’s initial phase is completed, you go through the designs and provide direct feedback. You may suggest a different color scheme, another way for the words to appear in the logo, or anything else you would like to see a different version of the design.

The total cost varies depending on the type of project and the graphic designer’s experience. You have the option to choose new designers to very experienced designers.

99Designs could be a good option for you to access graphic designer talent from around the world. We recommend you check it out for your next project.

What are some of the options your organization uses for graphic design work?

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