Catalyit Success Journey™

Technology is no longer just a backroom activity that keeps the computers running. Tech is a profit center! What software you use, what tools, integrations, processes, and data you harness are all critical in driving profit.

When you think about technology, you should get excited. Yeah, it sounds a little geeky at first. But it’s not. It’s all opportunity. With the right tech, your agency will thrive.

The Catalyit Success Journey™

Technology changes and evolves, and you change and evolve. Where you are on the path today is vastly different than where you’ll be in five years. The Catalyit Success Journey gives you a roadmap. is filled with resources to help you improve each area of your tech, but we get it; this can be overwhelming. Step-by-step, we’ll light the way. 

There are 4 main benchmarks on your success journey: Baseline, Better, Best, and Beyond. You likely have areas of your tech in more than one milestone. Our goal is to help you become the agency hero who moves your tech through best and beyond.  



First Goal: knowing where you currently are (think: google maps. We need a starting point). 

Take our tech assessment, and you’ll receive a custom report showing areas you’re rocking and those full of opportunity.  You’ll see exactly where you are on the Catalyit Success Journey™ and full access subscribers will have a follow-up call with a team member to get questions answered.

Did we mention this is all included in your subscription? It is!

Our happy place is being the catalyst to help you win. Thanks for including us on the journey. 

We need your help with this quick survey.

It will only take 5 minutes, there are fantastic prizes, and you’ll gain access to an industry favorite – Catalyit’s exclusive State of Tech in Independent Insurance Agencies report.

You may have heard us talk about your tech stack – all the systems and software you use in your agency to serve customers and manage your business. To guide new tools, support solution provider advocacy, and provide you with critical insights, we want to learn what agencies are using now and how you feel about them.

Fun Weekly Tech Prizes:

  • MEATER Plus | Smart Meat Thermometer with Bluetooth
  • Multi-Device Charging Station (with wireless charging)
  • Digital Tape Measure
  • $50 Amazon gift card (for tech of your choice)

And the grand prize: $1000 Catalyit consulting time!

The sooner you complete the survey, the more chances you’ll have to win! Weekly drawings start this Sunday. Grand prize – February 28th. Anyone in your agency is welcome to submit.

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