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Checkboxes on word document

Add Checkboxes to Your Microsoft Word Documents

We all know agencies often use custom forms to capture information from prospects and current clients (including new quote forms, endorsement forms, and renewal information ...
Remote work concept. Working at home. Telework. Cyber.

Cybersecurity in the Year 2023

Cybersecurity is top of mind at Catalyit and we're sharing some of the latest tips to keep you and your clients more secure. If you ...

LastPass Hack – Are You at Risk?

With the latest breaches at companies like LastPass, your customer data is even more vulnerable. We have put together remediation steps for your LastPass users ...

Is GPT-3 the Future of Machine Learning?

The latest technology to enter the hype cycle is "artificial intelligence" due to the public release of Open AI's Chat GPT-3 tool. While the term ...
Budgeting for Tech

How to Build a Strong Budget for Your Agency

Contributing Writer:  Lauren Washington Budgeting is the practice of trying to reasonably estimate a company’s future expenses and revenue streams so you can monitor the ...
Catalyit logo

What to Expect from Catalyit This Year

In 2023, expect... More. More concise articles to help you understand how to: use tech to increase profit make the right choices harness features in ...

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