6 Reasons Why Accurate Local Listings are a Must

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As an independent agent, you likely already know how important online local business listings are for helping consumers in your area find your agency. Yet far too often, the true value of an agent’s listings becomes underestimated when they aren’t properly maintained — from both an SEO perspective and a consumer’s perspective.

View this webinar on-demand as Digital Marketing Coordinator Chelsea Peterson unpacks six powerful benefits your agency can realize when you consistently monitor and update your local listings.

6 Reasons Why Accurate Local Listings Are a Must

Watch the webinar, read through the full transcript, or jump ahead to the section you’re most interested in to see how accurate local listings can boost your agency’s local SEO efforts and get your agency found across the web.

  • Improve Search Engine Rankings
  • Get Found on Mobile & Voice Search
  • Enhance Customer Experience
  • Build Social Proof
  • Provide Better Communication
  • Increase Engagement

Watch The Webinar

View BrightFire’s latest 20 Minute Marketing webinar from May, 6 Reasons Why Accurate Local Listings are a Must, on-demand.


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