Guide: Generative AI, Chatbots, & RPAs

Know the difference between these three tools.

Generative AI

Artificial intelligence (AI) that is capable of generating new content (such as images or text) in response to a submitted prompt (such as a query) by learning from a large reference database of examples.


A software application that works as a virtual assistant and interacts with customers through automated actions in text or voice conversations.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Software tools that partially or fully automate human activities that are manual, rule-based, and repetitive.

Getting Started with Generative AI

Check out our special edition series on how you can use Generative AI (GenAI) in your agency.


The Bottom Line: After completing these four sessions, you will have the confidence to use GenAI tools in your agency, the knowledge to get your staff onboard, and an abundance of new ideas to explore.

Get Started with GenAI

Learn how to communicate with ChatGPT and get started with GenAI.

Marketing, Sales, & Customer Service

Learn how to utilize GenAI in your marketing, sales, and customer service efforts.

Business Intelligence

Discover how to utilize GenAI to enhance your business intelligence.

Audio & Visual Content

Create stunning images, audio, and video content with GenAI.


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The Players


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exdion.comRPAExdion is a proprietary AI-driven extraction engine and broker-specific tools improve sales, minimize human errors, and raise consumer satisfaction.
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GAIL by LULA is a voice powered AI tool that is capable of having human like conversations, built to lower Customer Acquisition, and Support costs.

View Profile
Total CSR CSR's Ellie is the ultimate AI-powered tool specially crafted for insurance agents. With ‘Ask Ellie’, you gain access to an array of tools that will transform the way your insurance agency operates. Ellie can help with understanding complex insurance concepts, creating engaging marketing messaging, offering professional development support, and improving customer service interactions.

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vBots Digital Assistant’s vBots Digital Assistant helps agencies with automating time-consuming, mundane tasks. vBots can integrate into your agency management system and make complex processes simple.

View Profile
Adapt API
adaptinsurance.comRPAAdapt API helps you automate the servicing busywork - compiling your notices in a single report and storing your carrier documents in one place.

View Profile
brightsideai.comChatbotThe Brightside Assistant allows you to summarize, analyze, and compare complex insurance policies in seconds. Brightside takes the complexity out of understanding insurance policies and transforms them into clear, actionable knowledge.

View Profile
withfulcrum.comRPAFulcrum leverages intuitive AI automations to allow brokerages to deliver a premium customer experience while improving efficiency and margins. Agents can use Fulcrum for proposal checking, carrier document downloads, policy/binder ingestion, and policy checking.

View Profile
podium.comChatbotBeat your competition with Podium's lead conversion platform, powered by AI and ready to integrate with the tools you already use.

View Profile
pronavigator.aiChatbotProNavigator is an AI-driven knowledge management chatbot that's built for insurance and brings all your company’s knowledge together for easy organization, discovery and sharing.

View Profile
quandri.ioRPAQuandri's AI-powered solutions automate repetitive tasks that become costly, time-consuming, and burdensome as you scale, including renewal reviews, document naming, and the daily download process.
chatbase.coChatbotWith Chatbase, you can create customizable AI chatbots using your own knowledge base.
hexomatic.comChatbotBuild a custom GPT for customer support, lead generation, and engaging users. Includes features like "Revise answers" and "Confidence score" for accurate responses.
pictory.aiVideoSay goodbye to complicated video editing software. The Pictory technology allows you to create and edit professional-grade videos using just text.
retune.soChatbotThe missing platform to build your AI apps. Use it to build your own AI powered apps. No coding required.
reachout.aiVideoReachOut.AI allows you to deliver personalized 1:1 videos without recording anything.
Robomotion RPA
robomotion.ioRPARobomotion robots are designed for high-efficiency concurrency at scale, with the capability to execute multiple automation sequences simultaneously. They feature a multi-branching ability, allowing the creation of unlimited static or dynamic branches with a single robot.
Warm Welcome
warmwelcome.comVideoConnect with clients through real-time or recorded video. Send personal video emails. Features include Video Contact Pages, Video Business Cards, Video Email Signatures.
afforai.comWritingAfforai – is a reliable and trustworthy AI in-depth research assistant and Chatbot! From complex topics to niche inquiries, Afforai delves into millions of sources to bring you trusted insights you can count on.
albato.comRPAAlbato is an all-in-one, no-code platform for automating your workflow! Seamlessly integrate the apps you use daily and watch the magic happen. With 600+ available apps and over 170,000 automation scenarios, the possibilities are endless!
bhuman.aiVideoBHuman helps you foster authentic connections with your customers like never before. Our groundbreaking AI technology empowers you to create personalized videos at scale that truly look and feel real.
bigvu.tvVideoPlatform to create short videos that integrates with their mobile app. Record on your desktop or on the go - it all syncs.
OpenAI ChatGPT
openai.comChatbotOpenAI created ChatGPT, the most popular AI platform. There is a free version and a Pro (paid) version. helps you create high-quality content in no time. Say goodbye to hours spent brainstorming and let otheir AI-powered tool do the magic for you.
speechki.orgAudioAutomatically transform written content into high-quality audio. With Speechki's AI Realistic Voice Generator, you can now experience over 1,100 voices in more than 80 languages!
hexofy.comMarketingHexofy is the ultimate web-scraping companion. No more time-consuming copy-pasting. With their incredible 1-click web scraping tool, you can gather data from any web page effortlessly.
Adobe Podcast AI up audio quality for free with Adobe Podcast AI.
Brain Pod Ai Writer
brainpod.aiContentBrain Pod helps you take your content creation game to a whole new level. Violet is their AI writer and no-code platform that will change the way you create content for your agency. Whether you need blogs, articles, or social media posts, Violet will help save you time.
castmagic.ioContentCreated for Podcasters to streamline show notes, CastMagic can be used with any audio content to save time creating long-form content from audio. The AI-powered platform transforms an Mp3 file or YouTube video into a wide range of handy assets that are ready to use instantly. It provides transcriptions, notes, summaries, highlights, quotes, and social posts.
helloscribe.aiContentEver wished you could magically automate your writing, research, and brainstorming tasks? HelloScribe is designed to make your life easier! No more staring at a blank document or feeling overwhelmed by endless notes. You can put your writing on AutoPilot and watch the ideas flow effortlessly. HelloScribe is designed to assist you throughout the entire writing process - from organizing your thoughts to generating insightful research.
Hippo Video
hippovideo.ioVideoHippo Video allows users to create personalized avatar videos with various backgrounds, including website URLs. This technology enhances customer engagement at all stages, from lead qualification to sales acceleration, by automating certain processes and improving customer satisfaction through engaging and efficient video content.
jasper.aiContentJasper is an AI copilot for driving outstanding performance and is used by over 100k businesses. Jasper leverages its AI to generate compelling, tailored content that truly resonates with your target audience.
claude.aiContentClaude is an AI chatbot created by Anthropic, an AI safety and research company paving the way for reliable, interpretable, and steerable AI systems! They focus on ensuring the safety and future of artificial intelligence.

Claude Pro offers significantly increased usage limits compared to the free service, with the number of messages depending on factors like message length, attachments, and conversation context. Users receive a warning when they are close to the limit, which resets every 8 hours. These limits balance Claude's availability for free users while optimizing performance for power users. The cost is $20 per month.


AI apps

AI Series: GenAI for Audio & Visual Content

Learn how to use GenAI to create stunning images, audio, and video content.
AI apps

AI Series: GenAI for Business Intelligence

Learn how to use GenAI for business intelligence by capturing unstructured data, manipulating it, creating customer profiles, building a knowledge base, and managing commission matching.
AI apps

AI Series: GenAI for Marketing, Sales, & Customer Service

Learn how to utilize GenAI in your marketing, sales, and customer service efforts with Catalyit Co-Founder Steve Anderson.
AI apps

AI Series: Getting Started with Generative AI

Learn how to communicate with ChatGPT and get started with GenAI with Catalyit Co-Founder Steve Anderson.


GAIL is a voice-powered Artificial Intelligence tool built exclusively for insurance agencies. Check out this demo to see how this conversational AI solution can help your agency.

Harness AI: Practical Ways to Use AI in Your Agency Today

Join Catalyit and our expert panel to hear about how AI is impacting the insurance industry and how you can use it in your agency today.

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