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We simplify technology for insurance agencies. Catalyit helps them discover, evaluate, and select the best tech solutions. Shouldn’t you be part of that conversation?

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Harnessing puts you in the right place, at the right time, with independent agents searching for solutions.

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Catalyit aims to provide agencies with the best experience possible, inviting all solution providers to at least be mentioned. Our free listing includes one product in one guide category, your logo in black & white on our Solution Provider Index, and a subscription to our weekly TechTips newsletter. Click the button below to activate your free listing.

Questions? We’re here to help you connect with agencies. To harness the full benefit of Catalyit’s exposure, we recommend upgrading to our Basic, Premium, or Platinum package. We’d love to chat more – email

Benefits & Access

Solution Providers will receive the benefits as outlined above according to their subscription level. All Solution Providers must register online at Catalyit reserves the right solely to determine the eligibility of prospective Solution Providers. Eligibility will be determined following Solution Provider registration and consent of this agreement. Catalyit will not be held liable for not fulfilling all of the benefits as outlined if the Solution Provider does not complete their profile.


The annual fee for Solution Providers to receive the Catalyit benefits are outlined above. If the Solution Provider wishes to list more than 3 products, please contact us to discuss the Platinum option. Payment is fully earned when paid and non-refundable.

Term & Cancellation

Solution Provider agrees to an annual commitment. The commitment can be canceled 30 days prior to the renewal. Notification to cancel their commitment should be sent to


As a Solution Provider, we expect that you will interact with Catalyit’s customers with integrity, helpfulness, and transparency. You can expect the same from Catalyit.  There are many ways that you will be able to manage and build your brand through the Catalyit platform and agent engagement opportunities. You will be expected to follow any guidelines posted in those engagement opportunities. A few points to draw your attention to:

  • We are thrilled that you are engaged with Catalyit. Feel free to let the world know that you participate with Catalyit and support us. Catalyit does not endorse any one company or product so you are strictly prohibited from saying or insinuating that.
  • Responsibility to keep profile up to date and current.
  • Help us support independent agent’s success – education, engagement, on-going learning. Are there other ways that you can help us support agents and you can engage them once they become your customer? Can you share insights about your customers? This could help us train agents on how best to utilize the tools.

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Our happy place is being the catalyst to help agents win. Thanks for joining us on the journey. 


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