Guide: Training

Proper staff training is important to ensure that you get the most out of your technology investment. These solution providers offer a range of options to help your team consistently improve their skills and performance.


Catalyit's Advice

How broad are the training offerings?


Do you need insurance coverage training, technology training, or a combination?


You should join your agency management system user group for platform-specific training. (Link to community group guide)


Check with your technology providers to understand the training offered.


Do you want on-demand training or personalized live training?

Steve Anderson's Take

“Technology training is essential for employee satisfaction and agency productivity. Be sure to focus and allocate resources appropriately on training that will advance your agency.”

Steve Anderson headshot

Steve Anderson

Catalyit Co-founder & CEO

The Players

Take a closer look at all your available options by visiting their profiles.

Total CSR

Total CSR offers efficient, engaging, and practical training solutions that significantly accelerate onboarding processes, upskill existing staff, and seamlessly bridge generational divides.

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Our team of industry leaders can help you maximize your existing technology, discover and evaluate potential alternatives, and even assist with implementing new solutions in your agency.

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