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Easy Identity Theft Protection for Your Agency & Clients

While agencies focus on fighting through a hard market and tackling new lines of business, their insureds are regularly caught up in the aftermath of cyber attacks and breaches that affect their ability to work – hurting their company and putting it at further risk.


Now through Catalyit, agencies have access to defend-id™ to help solve these challenges.

ID Theft is now a common occurrence...

About 1 in 11 people age 16 and over have been victims of identity theft in the last 12 months, and 1 in 5 have experienced identity theft in their lifetime.*


Nearly $8.8 billion losses reported due to fraud in 2022.**


The “Mother of All Breaches” added 26 billion new records to the dark web in January 2024.***

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defend-id is a premier ID Theft Protection Service that can help both you and your clients.

defend-id is uniquely crafted to provide agencies and businesses, regardless of their size, with access to elite monitoring and recovery resources. This service is not only marked by its affordability but also distinguished by its simple enrollment process.


There is no cost to become a reseller and no minimum group sizes.

Here's the potential.

Avg. identity theft premium for a small company looking to offer ID Theft protection to their employees.


Avg. group size of 65 employees, with an avg. rate of about $5/person/month

0 %

Avg. commission: 22% (could be as high as 25%, depending on your groups)

$ 0

Agency’s revenue potential with selling ID theft protection to a 65-employee client:

22% * $3,900 = $900




Why should your agency offer this service? What’s in it for your clients to have this coverage?

For Agencies

Differentiate in a Hard Market

Add value and differentiate in a hard market with defend-id’s various enrollment options.

Be an Early Adopter

Expand your benefits and cyber offerings by being early adopters of ID Theft Protection and Recovery coverage.

Be a Trusted Advisor

Be a trusted advisor by sharing tools and resources to help with often unaddressed and unspoken risks of ID Theft and Fraud.

Create Stickier Customers

Expand current accounts to create stickier customers and protect your clients against an area of high risk.

Provide Growth Opportunities for Your Staff

Give junior staff opportunities to grow and try out sales with a product that requires no licensing and can be easily sold.

Earn 20-25% Commission

Earn 25% agency commission on Employer-sponsored Group sales, and 20% commission on Voluntary and Retail sales.

For Your Insureds

Protect Against Probable Events

Commercial accounts can protect their business from the highly probable event of an employee experiencing ID Theft and Fraud and the related fallout.

Voluntary or Sponsored Options

Businesses have the option to choose a voluntary option when they don’t want to sponsor it for employees, and there is no minimum group size.

Recovery Protection Regardless of Set-Up

If an employer has covered an employee who never set up monitoring but has an issue, they can still reach out and use the recovery service.

Stay Informed

Your clients and their employees stay informed of risks and ways to keep themselves protected.

Affordable Packages

It’s often as cheap as a cup or two of coffee per month for a person to be covered.

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Catalyit is working closely with defend-id to help agencies get started quickly and easily.

Complete the form below to learn more and get access to defend-id’s white-labeled resources that can help you immediately go to market with this great new product for your agency!

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