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We’re Passionate About Two Things –
Independent Insurance Agents and Technology

About Us

We’ve been waiting for you. We’re here to help you thrive.

At Catalyit, we’re passionate about two things: independent insurance agents and technology. That’s why we’re combining the best minds with the best tools to deliver the single greatest tech resource in the industry. Period.

We understand no one can do it all alone. That’s why we’re sourcing technology platforms and solutions, delivering first-hand reviews and ratings, and building a training module that will help you win while you’re running a successful agency, managing a team, and serving your customers. By doing what we do best, we empower you to do what you do best…but even better.

Catalyit’s simplified technology resource opens independent agents to a community where they can inspire, grow, and succeed. Together we’re going to meet customers where they are and create a stronger, more innovative independent agency system. So, no matter where you are on the technology spectrum – from early adopter to experienced implementer – rest assured, you’re in the right place.

Steve Anderson

CEO & Co-founder

Katrina Marschner

Customer Experience Lead

Mark Parrish

Technology Consultant

Marit Peters

Marit Peters

Managing Partner

Evan Leitch

Technology & Data Advisor

Jason Furst

Content & Marketing

Alexandra Dellerson

Executive Assistant

Our story

First, a timeline.

Over 100 Years Ago

Independent Agents Gain An Advocate

Big I associations all around the country are formed. Purpose? Champion agencies!

Over 100 Years Ago

21 Years Ago (ok, a little longer)

Enter Steve Anderson

Since Steve entered the world, his life’s work has been agencies and technology. The depth of knowledge, insight, and passion Steve has is incredible.

21 Years Ago (ok, a little longer)


Technology Major Painpoint

Big I Members constantly shared about frustration with agency tech. What to use, how to implement, how to train – there was no easy answer.



Big I + Steve = Solution

3 Big I Associations jumped in to solve this issue, to help agencies thrive. With Steve’s knowledge and the support of 4 other state partners Catalyit was born. 

All the tech guidance agencies need, in one place.



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