Annual Tech-Up: 20 Areas Insurance Agencies Need to Check ASAP

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Contributors: Angela Ford and George Robertson

The calendar year is off and running. We’ve passed the 1/1 renewals, the craziness of the holidays, New Year’s resolutions, and we’re sailing. But there are some key routine tasks and processes we need to do each year to thrive, remain compliant, and increase profits. Have you done them?

Don’t worry; today is the day. We have a checklist! And don’t do it alone. Engage that fantastic taskmaster (you know, the one that loves lists) to help get your agency technology bases covered. Simply forward them this list.

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Have questions on how to complete a few of the items? Don’t worry, we have answers. Join Angela, George, and Steve on-demand as they help get your agency up to speed.


⬜  Run a book of business report in AMS. Compare premium and revenue YOY. Determine/review annual sales goals.

⬜  Determine/review technology budget. Consider a 3-5% increase.

⬜  Review all available analytics, including balance load and referrals. Consider needed hires.

⬜  Review all paid tech subscriptions and ensure each is still needed. Create a list of all subscriptions in one place. Note: Credit card statements are a good place to find recurring charges.

Catalyit’s Budgeting for Tech Webinar (*Full Access subscribers only)
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⬜  Agency cybersecurity program is up-to-date and compliant with state regulations.

⬜  Every computer (internal & remote) has an up-to-date antivirus program running. Set a calendar reminder for renewal dates.

⬜  Schedule awareness training for staff. Note: KnowB4 is a great tool.

⬜  Have a data purge policy. Make sure you’re following it.

Resources: Catalyit’s Cybersecurity Guide



⬜  Perform a data integrity check: customer database has been reviewed, and duplicates removed.

⬜  Call IT or MSP to review current Office 365 configurations and ask what should be updated.

⬜  Check on software updates and integrations, review version numbers and latest releases. Plan to implement one or two enhancements this year.

⬜  Change passwords on all banking accounts, AMS, and carrier portals. This should be done at least annually.

⬜  Review who has access to carrier portals and remove unneeded access.

⬜  Create a tech onboarding and offboarding procedure for staff to ensure system integrity.
(Maintain a list of what access each team member has and have a procedure to terminate it).

⬜  Printed copy and flash drive copy of disaster plan that includes contact information is offsite.

⬜  Texting policy is in handbook for team members who text customers.

⬜  Have on file for each customer: permission to receive policy docs electronically, & permission to receive text messages, if applicable.

⬜  Email disclaimers and voicemail are up to date.



⬜  Make sure at least 2 agency members (including a leader) have admin access on all social channels.

⬜  Ensure all the links on your website are working correctly.

⬜  Review marketing campaigns, mailers, and automated emails for updated language and the correct recipients.

Resources: Catalyit’s Marketing Guide


As with most of your agency technology, it is much better not to operate in a bubble. Share this list with your team. Encourage feedback. Spread the work, and document every new process in a word document so that your team is on the same page and the heavy lift of the first time doesn’t have to be repeated.

Need help?
Angela and George are here! Email them at [email protected].

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