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insurance industry tech leaders.

Expertise matters. That's why Catalyit has assembled a team of contributors who specialize in key areas. Not only does this enable great insights on, it allows one-on-one consulting you can trust.

Steve Anderson


What can we say about Steve…he is a tech guru. His depth of knowledge and experience in this industry is unmatched. 

Carey Wallace


Agencies invest in tech, human resources, marketing & sales to compete and grow. Carey can help you weigh those investments their impact on your value & future.

Mark Parrish


The king of insurance industry cloud computing before anyone new the term. Mark thrives in selection, process, and implementation. 

Angela Ford

Process & Automation

Evaluating and improving processes, existing workflows is where Angela shines. She’ll help with efficiency while uncovering potential E&O areas and GAPs within the business.

Mallory Cornell

agency operations

Mallory understands that each agency is unique. No matter how big or small, she’ll help agencies improve operations, enhance customer experience, and mitigate E&O risk.

Matt Banaszynski

Digital transformation

When you need to understand and leverage InsurTech, Matt’s a go-to. He’ll help you turn thoughts and goals into a strategic plan.

Jason Sabo

Ops & Workforce STRATEGY

Sales, operational & workforce, strategic and financial management strategies are Jason’s jam.

George Robertson


George has been in the agency tech space for over 20 years. He masterfully helps agencies discover and select technology.

Mitchell Dehaven

CRM | Marketing Automation

Veruna? Salesforce? Getting the most out of your CRM, Mitchell has insights to help.

Dana Beals

Applied EPIC
AMS Expert

Dana is your go-to for all things Applied Epic: migration assistance, optimization, process/workflow review, training and more.

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