HawkSoft Launches New Cloud-Based Platform

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For decades, HawkSoft, a Catalyit Premium Solution Provider, has been a trusted partner for insurance agencies, offering robust management solutions to streamline operations. With the next evolution of their platform, HawkSoft is harnessing the power of cloud technology to offer unparalleled access and efficiency.

Introducing HawkSoft 6 Cloud Platform

HawkSoft 6 is not just an update; it’s a transformation. By moving to a cloud-based infrastructure, it offers several key advantages:

  • Enhanced Accessibility: Access your data securely from anywhere, on any device—be it through a dedicated desktop app or via a mobile browser.
  • Improved Reliability and Speed: Enjoy faster, more reliable access to your data, thanks to state-of-the-art cloud servers powered by Microsoft Azure.
  • Advanced Security: Benefit from top-tier data security and automatic backups, ensuring your agency’s and clients’ information is always safe.
  • Future-Ready: The cloud infrastructure lays the groundwork for continuous innovation, allowing for the rapid development and rollout of new features.

HawkSoft 6 combines the powerful performance of a desktop app with the convenience of cloud-based data that can be accessed from anywhere on any device. You’ll enjoy the full set of features on your office PC or laptop and have access to important features from a web browser. Learn more about HawkSoft Cloud.

Agencies are Live on the New HawkSoft 6 Cloud Platform

HawkSoft began migrating current HawkSoft customers to the new cloud platform during the second half of 2023, as well as onboarding new HawkSoft customers.

Discover how HawkSoft can transform your agency’s operations. Schedule a demo today and see firsthand the difference that cloud-powered efficiency of HawkSoft’s intuitive workflows can make for your agency.

Hear from an agency using the new platform
Why agencies choose HawkSoft

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