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Kolbe WILL Make a Difference in Your Agency

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If you’ve never used Kolbe Wisdom in your organization, let me share some impactful ways this resource can help with role alignment, team communication, project management, and technology adoption, to name a few. I’ve been working with Kolbe Wisdom® for almost 20 years and have yet to find a program that provides as much insight as this one.

What is Kolbe?

Kolbe Wisdom helps us identify people’s instinctive strengths and helps us align them to roles that will energize them versus exhaust them. We can all do all types of work, but burnout is real! Kolbe Wisdom helps us find that sweet spot for ourselves and employees that create job sustainability. If you’ve ever done something you know you’re good at, but it drains you, then you know what I’m talking about. The key to untapping our greatest strengths is uncovering what we are most passionate about, what we can be excellent at and have tons of energy for. That would be your sweet spot.

What does Kolbe NOT do?

Kolbe does NOT assess how smart you are or what you can or cannot do. It also does not provide a personality profile. So you can’t use it as the ‘silver bullet solution’ for hiring. If you’re not committed, motivated, or interested in something, we won’t see someone’s Kolbe take action.

Who is Kolbe right for?

Everyone! And once you know yours, you WILL want to know your team members (and maybe even your spouse)! It’s a fantastic resource.

My personal experience

I was certified as a Kolbe Consultant almost 20 years ago, and I’ve never looked back. It has untapped so many insights into my staff, clients, co-workers, and board members in such a way that we have expanded our production, improved our communication, and minimized our frustrations with each other (mostly).

I’ve engaged with over 10,000 clients with Kolbe Indexes and have coached countless managers on how to engage team members best, ensure they are in the right seats, and tweak roles to get the most from people.

My Kolbe is a 5 3 9 2.

Levels Fact Finder Follow Thru Quick Start Implementor
5 3 9 2

What has that meant for me?

It’s helped me shape my career, knowing I’m energized when I’m innovating, have urgent deadlines, can pivot quickly, prevent analysis paralysis, and think outside the box. I also know when I will get exhausted and have built the right team structure around me to support and ensure we deliver on our ideas while leveraging everyone’s strengths.

Are you interested?

On your own, you can explore more about Kolbe Wisdom and take your Kolbe A Index at

But more effectively, let me help. Email me and we’ll get you started. Then we can help you through the process and make it meaningful for you and your team.

How do we use it?

Once you have your Kolbe A Index result, you can validate your strengths and identify where you can be most productive. Various resources are available to help you maximize communication with others, trust your instincts to be energized at what you do each day, and build teams with members that complement one another. Taking the Kolbe A Index is just the first step in exploring team dynamics.


How long does it take?
It’s 36 questions you can take in about 20 minutes.

Is it expensive?
No, it’s less than $75 to take it and get all sorts of valuable reports & insights. We can customize a workshop for you at an extremely reasonable rate if you want a workshop.

Who uses it?
Business professionals across the world use Kolbe. Our organization has over 1000 clients. Well-known companies include The Hershey Company, American Red Cross, Intel, and countless others.

Bonus: Kids use it too! The Student Aptitude Quiz™ identifies and celebrates students’ Authentic Abilities. It has been proven to increase self-efficacy, decrease stress, and maximize productivity.

Learn more by checking out this webinar: Leveraging Your Team Members’ Strengths

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