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RPost Renews (Free) E-Sign and Encryption Work-from-Home Program

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In early March 2020, as the Covid-19 crisis seemed to be spiraling out of control, RPost announced its E-Sign & E-Security (Free) Work-from-Home Program. RPost was among the first companies to announce a truly free E-Sign and E-Security bundle that seamlessly works within Outlook, Gmail, Zimbra,, and mobile devices. Users start with RSign and RMail business licenses for use during the crisis, and they after can continue to use free at base service levels.

Now, RPost is once again rolling out its E-Sign & Encryption Work-from-Home Program to help people everywhere adjust to these continuing uncertainties. “We have decided to do this, as it becomes clear that many people across the US and Europe will once again be returning to work-from-home arrangements, as COVID cases continue to rise and with uncertainty around the US election and its aftermath,” says RPost CEO, Zafar Khan.

RPost is once again offering free RMail and RSign business licenses, this time through the end of the year, and longer if necessary, for those organizations in need.

“Obviously, the thing we try hardest at is just to be there for you. To start you outright with new services that are easy to use, work well, and have the features you need now (and will need in the future). Why do we do this? Because we’ve learned over the last 20 years in this business that our customers are counting on us every day. Because we live and breathe security and process optimization. Because we can’t afford to take you for granted. We try harder to ensure your success,” continues Khan.

RMail and RSign online access has been in high demand as more remote workers don’t have access to their normal in-office desktop systems. Some online apps that have been popular are RMail for Outlook Online, RMail for Gmail, RMail for Salesforce, and the RMail Online Web App that you can keep open in a browser tab to use when you need to send encrypted for compliance; as well as RSign Online.

Getting started is very simple: users just install the RMail add-in for Outlook or Gmail, at no cost, at RMail Apps, or start with RSign — and that is it. No credit cards, no telephone calls, nothing else needed. (RMail for Outlook includes an auto-log-in to RSign, so if you start with RMail you don’t need to register with RSign to access RSign e-signature services.) To find out more about the E-Sign & Encryption Work-from-Home Readiness Program, please click here.

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