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Creating a Great Email Welcome Sequence

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An excellent way to build a great relationship with your clients is to communicate with them consistently. This is especially true when they first become a client. Yet too many agencies don’t follow up – what I call follow-up failure. You spend time, effort, and money making the sale and then, too often, drop the ball and don’t follow up after the sale is completed.

Want to build a deeper connection with your clients and make more sales but don’t know where to start? We have two words for you: Email. Sequence.

Of course, there are other ways to reach your clients, such as social media and advertising. But there is a special magic about opening an email from the agency they just decided to use to secure their financial future.

So, let’s talk about what email sequences are, why you should write them, and how they help build your agency brand.

What is an Email Sequence?

An email sequence is a series of emails to your clients with a specific goal. A welcome email sequence reminds your new client why choosing your agency was a great decision. It can also set expectations for future engagement. A sales email sequence helps remind clients of all the products and services you offer. If you want to tell your clients something important or exciting in a strategic, personalized way, an email sequence is a perfect way to do it. A great email sequence is like an essay: an introduction, body, and resolution, all wrapped up nicely with a note that says thank you for being a client.

An email sequence can also be used for prospecting new business. Subscribers will typically receive your email sequence after signing up for more information, downloading a free resource (lead magnet), or buying a policy from you. How they sign up for your list will be a good indicator of what email content they would like to receive from you.

Why You Need An Email Sequence

Listen – we get it. Sometimes sitting down to write and knock out emails can feel challenging, but we promise your email sequence is worth it. Once you’ve set up your series, it will run on its own without you having to lift a finger.

An effective email sequence will help you build longer-lasting relationships that will lead to more new business. When you write your email sequence, you are setting up an automatic way to connect with your clients. Your agency will experience greater success when more clients, buyers, or readers want to come to you for help.

How to Write an Awesome Email Sequence

You will need to create different email sequences for various purposes. Here are a few you should consider:

  • General Prospecting – A general follow-up process after you talk with someone or they contact the agency.
  • Requesting a Quote – Create an email sequence for the quote process as well as a one, two, or three-year follow-up sequence when they don’t buy. People buy when they are ready to buy, not when you are ready to sell.
  • Reporting a Claim – Create a sequence to keep in touch during a difficult time.
  • New Client Welcome – Don’t forget your new client after they buy from you.

Below are some examples of emails you could create to nurture your new clients.

Email #1: Thank them for buying

It’s natural for people to question their decision right after purchasing – buyers remorse. Send them an email congratulating them on making a great decision to work with your agency and reiterating why your agency is the best option. You can also include information on where they can find you on social media, etc.

Email #2: Setting expectations

Educate your new client on your processes. How do they get help when needed? What happens if they have an accident? How will billing work?

Take the opportunity to remind them about your services, a new product, or ask them questions about what they’d like to see from you.

When you talk about what you do or what you offer, try to include some social proof. This is a great place to include a review from a previous client to show your audience what it’s like to work with or buy from you.

Email #3: Checking in again

In this email, you can ask how you are doing and request that they leave a review (on Google Business and Yelp) about their experience with your agency.

This last step is SUPER important – follow-up. We can’t emphasize this enough!

Don’t Forget Your Subject Lines!

You do need a good subject line for each email in your sequence. They should capture your reader’s attention and make your email seem irresistible.

Here are some examples:

  • “Thank You!”
  • “This is for YOU…”
  • “We have an announcement….”
  • “Today is the day!”
  • “We can’t wait to show you this.”

The purpose of the subject line is to get them to read your email. If you can get someone to open your email, they’ll be more inclined to read through it. Can you think of some subject lines that have caught your eye recently?

Consistency is Key

Consistency is vital when growing an audience that wants to stay in touch with you. Now that you’ve written three awesome welcome emails, keep going. Create an email sequence for each of the interactions you have with clients and prospects. Then, send out regular messages that are helpful to your list as it keeps growing.

You’ve got this! We can’t wait to see you grow your list.

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