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Social media is an ever-evolving world. It can be helpful to stay on top of new platforms. Knowing the various avenues available for connecting with potential clients and expanding your professional network is crucial as an insurance agent. A new platform released last week has caught my attention. Threads is a Twitter-like service released by Meta (formerly known as Facebook) that uses the credentials from your Instagram account (if you have one). After a week, it holds the record for the fastest platform to reach 100 million users, unseating ChatGPT.

Who cares?

I started talking to agents about Twitter just after it came out, and most looked at me like I was crazy. “Who cares?” was the most common response.

With the recent turmoil surrounding Twitter ever since Elon Musk’s acquisition, Mark Zuckerberg, the mastermind behind Facebook, sees a new opportunity to enter the short messaging space.

Some may question the need for yet another messaging platform when several established options are already available. However, it is important to remember that innovation and competition are key drivers of progress. Mark Zuckerberg’s decision to introduce Threads suggests that he sees untapped potential, and as insurance agents, you should pay attention to this development simply because your prospects and clients might be.

How do I sign up?

Threads simplifies signup by integrating seamlessly with your existing Instagram account. If you have an Instagram account, signing up for Threads is effortless. By downloading the app and linking it to your Instagram, you gain access to a new communication channel.

The ease of signing up for Threads is a significant advantage. By leveraging your existing Instagram account, Threads eliminates the need for creating a separate profile, making it an effortless transition for users.

How can I use this in my agency?

If you follow our recommendations and use a social platform management tool (in the Better and Best Milestones on the Catalyit Success Journey™), it will take no time at all to add your social posts.

Your success relies on your ability to adapt and embrace new technologies. As early adopters of platforms like Threads, you demonstrate your willingness to evolve and connect with clients through various channels. You know as well as I do that the insurance industry is built on trust and relationships, and exploring new avenues for communication can only strengthen those bonds.

The introduction of Threads by Meta presents an opportunity for insurance agents to explore a new platform for communication. As I said, it is crucial that we all remain open to new technologies and platforms, as they can enhance our ability to connect with clients and expand our networks.

While it is still too early to predict the future success of Threads, the entry of Meta into the short messaging space should not be underestimated. Mark Zuckerberg has a proven track record of transforming how we connect and communicate online, and his involvement in Threads suggests that it holds promise.

We will be watching closely and see what the future holds for Threads.

Steve Anderson

Steve Anderson

Often revered as the insurance industry tech guru or the Godfather of Insurtech, Steve Anderson is practically synonymous with innovation. He spent over 22 years as president of The Anderson Network – an authority on insurance agency productivity, technology, and profits – and has served on various boards and committees for IIABA and Big I NY. He’s also the author of the international best-selling book “The Bezos Letters” where he examines “14 Principals to Grow Your Business Like Amazon.”

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