Six Underutilized Features in Agency Management Systems

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Contributors: Angela Ford and George Robertson

Unlock the full potential of your insurance agency with these six underutilized agent management system features – from automated reporting to real-time carrier submissions. Discover how to streamline your operations and boost your bottom line.

As the insurance industry becomes more and more competitive, it is critical for agencies to utilize every available tool and feature to stay ahead. One of the most important tools for an insurance agency is an agent management system (AMS). AMS software can streamline an agency’s operations, allowing agents to focus on providing exceptional service to their clients. However, many agencies are not fully utilizing the capabilities of their AMS. In this blog, we’ll explore some of the most underutilized features of AMS software, including integration with phone systems and messaging, digital marketing automation, sales and producer pipelines and analytics, carrier submission integrations, database cleaning tools, and automated reports.

Integration with Phone Systems and Messaging

Many AMS software programs offer integration with phone systems and messaging platforms, but few agencies take advantage of this feature. With phone system integration, agents can receive calls directly within the AMS software, eliminating the need for separate phone systems. Messaging integration allows agents to communicate with clients and team members through various messaging platforms, all within the AMS. This can increase efficiency and improve communication within the agency.
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Digital Marketing Automation, including Email Integration and Templates

Digital marketing is becoming increasingly important for insurance agencies, but many are not utilizing the automation features available in their AMS software. Automation can streamline marketing campaigns, allowing agents to focus on providing exceptional service to their clients. AMS software can integrate with email platforms, providing agents with the ability to create and send targeted email campaigns. Additionally, many AMS programs offer pre-built email templates that agents can customize to their needs.
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Sales and Producer Pipelines and Analytics

Many AMS programs offer sales and producer pipeline tracking and analytics, but few agencies take full advantage of them. By utilizing these tools, agencies can better track their sales and revenue, identifying areas for improvement and making data-driven decisions. Additionally, AMS software can provide valuable insights into producer performance, allowing agencies to optimize their team’s productivity and identify training opportunities.
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Commercial and Personal Lines Carrier Submission Integrations and Real-time Connection

Carrier submission integrations are an important feature for insurance agencies, as they allow agents to submit applications and claims directly through the AMS software. However, many agencies do not take advantage of real-time connection capabilities, which can greatly speed up the submission process. Real-time connection allows agents to receive immediate responses from carriers, reducing wait times and increasing efficiency.
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Purging Capabilities in Agency Management Systems, including Database Cleaning Tools

Over time, an agency’s database can become cluttered with outdated and irrelevant information. AMS software can offer purging capabilities and database cleaning tools to help agencies keep their databases organized and up-to-date. However, many agencies do not take advantage of these tools, leading to bloated databases that can slow down the AMS software. Another key consideration is the removal of personally identifiable information (PII) from the database to remain compliant with statutory minimums and not expose your agency to additional liability with those polices and data out of scope for retention.
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Automated Reports sent on a Schedule to Various Roles in the Agency

Automated reports can be a powerful tool for insurance agencies, providing valuable insights into the agency’s performance and productivity. However, many agencies do not utilize automated reporting or do not send reports to the appropriate roles within the agency. By scheduling automated reports to be sent to accounting and other key roles within the agency, agents can ensure that everyone is informed and working together towards shared goals.
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In conclusion, agent management systems are powerful tools for insurance agencies, but many are not utilizing all the available features. By integrating phone systems and messaging, utilizing digital marketing automation, tracking sales and producer pipelines and analytics, using carrier submission integrations with real-time connection, purging databases, and automating reports, agencies can improve their efficiency, increase revenue, and provide exceptional service to their clients. It is critical for agencies to take advantage of these features to stay ahead in an increasingly competitive market. If you would like to learn more about how you can take full advantage of these features, please contact Catalyit today!

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