Use AppSumo to Find Deals on Small Tools

Amongst the Catalyit team, I have become known as the “tool guy.” You see, I love finding little tools that help solve a problem and do something just a little bit better. And I always like finding a deal.

A few years ago, I discovered AppSumo.

AppSumo is a site that helps new startup businesses gain exposure and additional clients. Every week they highlight a particular tool, platform, or process, that helps solve a specific problem. Access to the tool is offered at a low lifetime cost. I have saved hundreds if not thousands of dollars by testing and experimenting with these low-cost deals. A handful of these tools I use daily.

One example is A platform designed to help you create short videos from existing content you can post on various social media. You are starting to see some of these videos in the Catalyit content. Many times you can increase the capability by purchasing multiple licenses. For Pictory, we bought two licenses for a one-time cost of $119.

I have tended to “collect” tools over the last few years that I was interested in testing to see how they might help improve my writing, social posting, workflow, video production, and a whole host of other ideas. Some I use every day and some not very often.

The AppSumo Downside

There is a downside. Remember, these are new startup companies, and they may not survive. I’ve had a handful close their doors, pivot to a new type of product, or be acquired by another firm. That’s the risk. Your lifetime deal might not be worth anything.

The benefit to the new company is that they gain attention, attract new clients, and get an infusion of cash.

So, if you’re not willing to suffer the loss of a couple of hundred dollars, then AppSumo may not be a platform you should use. However, if you’re eager to experiment with the new platforms and a new company, these tools could save you hundreds of dollars and improve your ability to streamline your agency.

If you sign up with AppSumo with this link, you will receive a $10 discount on your first purchase. Catalyit will also receive $10 to help fund our next purchase.

Have you used AppSumo? What has been your experience? Are there other platforms that provide a similar service? Let us know.

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