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With the right tech, agencies will thrive.
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All the agency tech guidance you one place

The number of ways you can leverage tech to increase profits and serve customers is nearly unlimited. But time, know-how, and fear of risk are getting in the way.

Catalyit solves it for you. 

Guides & Reviews

Not sure which AMS to choose? Don’t have time to research 5 quoting platforms? We’ve done the work for you! Our guides help you compare solutions in minutes, and include reviews by peers and experts.


From monthly live coaching and Q&A sessions to on-demand classes, you’ll be able to talk the talk and get the most out of your tools. Your unlimited access includes insights from the Tech Tips newsletter and blog.


Our in-depth tech assessment provides you with a custom roadmap for success, and the tools to get it done. Have the right tech stack? We have a guide for that too.


Discuss trends, best practices, and challenges with peers, experts and providers. With Catalyit, you’ll have an entire community behind you.


Need custom, one-on-one support? 
Our team of experts can work directly with your agency.

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You don’t have to wait until this summer for all the insights. We’ll send you Catalyit’s Top 10 Tech Tips today, and give you a shout when our free assessment is available.

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Legendary Expertise

Team of Experts

Steve Anderson is THE insurance technology authority. He knows the business inside and out, and understands how technology can be a game changer for agency profit and efficiency. As CEO, Steve has assembled a team of experts to deliver the best insights and information to help you leverage existing and emerging technology. 

We’re here to help you win.

"We bring the right experts, solutions, training, and community together to increase your profit and customers’ experience."

Steve Anderson

Strength in Support

Outside of your agency (and family), the team that cares the most about your success is the ‘Big I’ in your state. And they’ve heard you loud and clear – technology is a big concern. That’s why 7 state associations came together to solve this tech problem for you. The result is this website. A place for you to find all the tools, resources, and expert answers to your biggest technology questions. Are you a member of one of the associations? If so, you’re in luck! You gain a discount on your Catalyit subscription.

Your association is proud to have your back.

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Our name was born from a passion for being a catalyst for change in your agency, and the fact that we’ll light the path forward for you. Pronounced: cat-a-lit.

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