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Cybersecurity Continues to Be Important

There’s been a lot of activity in the cybersecurity world over the last few weeks. Most of it is negative. There are two cyber incidents that you should be aware…

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Cloud technology TechTips

Software in the Cloud: Browser-Based vs. Desktop-Based Applications

Most software applications these days tout themselves as being “in the cloud.” But what does that really mean? There are a number of different cloud models, ranging from desktop applications…

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Phone TechTips

Mark Parrish: What I’ve Learned From Tech Assessment Consults

One of the essential features available for the agents that subscribe to Catalyit.com is our Tech Assessment. It’s a 10 to 15-minute survey that dives into what technology you are…

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Accessibility computer icon TechTips

Website ADA Compliance Resources

Attorneys continue to target small businesses, including insurance agents, and their websites for not being “ADA Compliant.” Title III of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requires that businesses and…

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Robot hand typing TechTips

Steve Anderson Talks RPA with Jackson Fregeau, Quandri

For Week 4 of Catalyit’s Invention and Innovation Month, Steve Anderson talks about Robotic Process Automation (RPA) with Quandri Co-founder & CEO Jackson Fregeau.

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Artificial Intelligence Solution Providers

Artificial Intelligence and the Future of the Independent Agent

What would you say is the most prominent theme throughout human history? Most people argue that conflict or culture defines humanity. Still, when we examine the entirety of human existence,…

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Not sure which AMS to choose? Don’t have time to research 5 quoting platforms? We’ve done the work for you! Our guides help you compare solutions in minutes and include reviews by peers and experts.


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Get the most out of your technology by joining our monthly webinars on hot tech and industry topics, live coaching and Q&A sessions, and no-strings-attached product demos.


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Discuss trends, best practices, and challenges with peers, experts and providers. With Catalyit, you’ll have an entire community behind you.


Your Catalyit access includes our weekly TechTips newsletter and TechTerms to help you talk the talk.


Need custom, one-on-one support? Our team of experts can work directly with your agency.

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Catalyit is a new resource, unlike any out there. But we aren’t new kids in town. The best in the business have united with the strength of 100 year old organizations. We know your business. When we give guidance, it’s because we have lived and breathed the industry.

Steve Anderson, THE insurance technology authority, has assembled a team of experts through Catalyit to deliver the best insights and information.

We’re here to help you win.

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At Catalyit, we’re passionate about two things: independent insurance agents and technology. Which is why we’re combining the best minds with the best tools to deliver the single greatest tech resource in the industry. Period.

We understand no one can do it all alone. That’s why while you’re running a successful agency, managing a team, and serving your customers, we’re sourcing technology platforms and solutions, delivering first-hand reviews and ratings, and building a training module that will help you win more. By doing what we do best, we empower you to do what you do best…but even better.

Catalyit’s simplified technology resource opens independent agents to a community where they can inspire, grow, and succeed. Together we’re going to meet customers where they are and create a stronger, more innovative independent agency system. So, no matter where you are on the technology spectrum – from early adopter to experienced implementer – rest assured, you’re in the right place.

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BlueZone Cyber Solutions Joins Catalyit Premium Solution Provider Program

Catalyit is excited to announce that BlueZone Cyber Solutions has joined Catalyit’s network of Premium Solution Providers for independent insurance agencies. BlueZone specializes in delivering trusted cybersecurity solutions, with a primary…

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Catalyit News

Press Release: Olivia Schmitt Joins Catalyit as Operations Manager

April 6, 2022 – Catalyit continues to expand to match fast growth, allowing the platform to serve the independent agent community with all the agency tech guidance they need in one place.

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