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BlueZone Cyber Solutions Joins Catalyit Premium Solution Provider Program

Catalyit is excited to announce that BlueZone Cyber Solutions has joined Catalyit's network of Premium Solution Providers for independent insurance agencies. BlueZone specializes in delivering trusted ...
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Catalyit Hires Lauren Crosby as Chief Growth Officer

Catalyit is excited to announce that Lauren Crosby, CAE, CMP, has joined the company as its Chief Growth Officer. With a 13-year career in the ...
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Website ADA Compliance Resources

Attorneys continue to target small businesses, including insurance agents, and their websites for not being “ADA Compliant.” Title III of the Americans with Disabilities Act ...
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Steve Anderson Talks RPA with Jackson Fregeau, Quandri

For Week 4 of Catalyit's Invention and Innovation Month, Steve Anderson talks about Robotic Process Automation (RPA) with Quandri Co-founder & CEO Jackson Fregeau.
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AI and the Future of the Independent Agent

What would you say is the most prominent theme throughout human history? Most people argue that conflict or culture defines humanity. Still, when we examine ...

8 Practical ChatGPT Prompts Agents Can Use to Save Time and Enhance Customer Experience

Since its release, ChatGPT has been heralded as a revolutionary gamer-changer with the potential to change how we think, work, and interact with technology. Besides ...

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